Developing a Plan: City of Monroe, North Carolina Creates Static Pipe Bursting Water Main Replacement Program

The City of Monroe, North Carolina, is located approximately 25 miles southeast of the state’s largest city, Charlotte. Currently, the city of 34,000 people has approximately 1.6 million feet of water mains ranging in age from the 1930’s to the present day. Cast iron pipe is the oldest type of pipe in the water system […]

Finishing What They Started: KRG Utility Completes the NEI Phase 2 Static Pipe Bursting Project In Wilmington, NC

In 2007, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a Special Order of Consent (SOC) with the state of North Carolina regarding a series of sanitary sewer overflows that occurred in the city of Wilmington. That SOC led to several challenging pipe bursting projects facilitated by trenchless contractor KRG Utility, Inc., Lenoir, NC. Since that time, […]

Grundoburst bursting head in entry pit

Bursting Along the Granville Gorge: R.H. White Tackles Tough Water Main Replacement Project

R.H. White, Auburn, Mass. recently tackled a particularly challenging water main replacement for the City of Westfield, Mass. The original pipe installed in 1898 along the Granville Gorge in Granville, MA. The pipe path was cut out of rock sidewall of gorge. The rugged terrain and difficult access would not allow open cut with large […]

Grundoburst Static Pipe Bursting System

United Trenchless: J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. and Spiniello Companies Join Forces Pipebursting® & Sliplining in California

J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. and Spiniello Companies are two of the most recognized utility contractors in the North America. Each company has its own tools, equipment and depth of experienced employee resources. Both of them have been involved in some of the biggest, toughest, most diversified trenchless projects in the country. Both contractors […]

PE pipe reduction die

Pulling Power in Amarillo, TX AJM Pipelines Bringing Swagelining Back

The Swagelining™ technique has been around for over 30 years. Developed in the late 1970s by British Gas and United Utilities in order to address the problem of failing pipeline systems, the technique showed great promise in the North American market early on. As utilization has continued throughout the world, AJM Pipelines (Jacksonville, Fla.) President […]

Total length of bursting project was 2,529 leet.

Large Diameter Steel Water Main Pipe Bursting Project Significant Achievement for Trenchless Technology

Static pipe bursting continues to flex its trenchless muscles in projects around the United States. The method has received a great deal of attention recently in regards to the usage of various product pipe materials, which has made static bursting more accessible and acceptable. A recent project for Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs, Colo., however, […]