Grundo-Air 70 is a portable gas-driven air compressor that goes just about anywhere. No need to lug bulky air compressors to job sites to operate Grundomat pneumatic tools. Grundo-Air 70 continually produces 70 cfm at 100 psi (85 cmf @ 90 psi) with plenty of reserve. It can run up to a Model 95 ZS Grundomat piercing tool, or power two smaller units simultaneously.

Standard Features

  • Overhead valve design
  • POWER-BORE Cylinders
  • Oil Cooler
  • Electronic SMART-SPARK ignition
  • Oil fill in valve cover
  • Oil Sentry w/light or shutdown
  • Panel-mounted controls w/ignition key switch
  • Fixed jet SMART CHOKE carburetor w/accelerator pump & solenoid fuel shutdown
  • Hydraulic valve lifters
  • In-line fuel filter
  • 12V solenoid-shift starter
  • 15A charging system
  • Dual element air cleaner
  • 25 HP @ 3600 rpm
  • 8 Gallon fuel capacity

Part Number Description
G-70 Grundo-Air 70