Self threading cutting teeth attach PE Pipe to the boring tool so that the precut length of pipe can be pulled in while the tool is boring.


Pipe Pulling Tailpiece with Center Exhaust

Part Number Grundomat Model
GZ0656453 65 ZS
GZ0756453 75 ZS
GZ0956453 95 ZS
GZ1106453 110 ZSK
GZ1306453 130 Z
GZ1456453 145 Z

Pipe Pulling Tailpiece with Side Exhaust Holes use with exhaust baffle

Part Number Grundomat Model
GZ0656452 65 ZS
GZ0756452 75 ZS
GZ0856452 85 ZS
GZ0956452 95 ZS
GZ1106452 110 ZSK
GZ1306454 130 Z
GRUNDOMAT® Access PE Pulling Tail

Exhaust Baffle

When used with PE Pipe Pulling Tailpiece (with exhaust holes) the baffle channels tool exhaust through the holes in the tailpiece. This prevents exhaust from exiting through the new product pipe.

Part Number Grundomat Model
70645-30 65 ZS, 75 ZS
70645-37 85 ZS, 95 ZS
70645-42 110 ZSK
70645-50 130 Z