Used with the Pipe Pulling Cable and a pipe adapter if needed, locks the pipe being pulled into the back of the boring tool. Both clamps can be used with plastic pipe, however the clamp with sheave, shown below is designed specifically for steel pipe. Double clamps allow operator to tighten cable easier and faster.

clamp plastic
Part Number Description Grundomat Model
GRU0750340 2.25 O.D. 75 ZS-100 ZS
GRU1300360 3.80 O.D. 110 ZSK-180 EF
GRU1300365 Up to 4″ pipe 75 ZS-130 Z (Double Locking)
GRU1300366 5″ and larger 145 Z-180 EF (Double Locking)
Part Number Description Grundomat Model
GRU1300370 3.80 I.D. (w/Sheave) 110 ZSK-180 EF
GRU2003950 Sheave only
pulling clamp
pipe pulling