For pulling steel pipe directly behind the Grundomat at the same time the bore is being made. The package includes a pipe pulling tail piece, a clamp with sheave, a clamp adapter, 2 quick links, 2 anchor stakes, 50 ft. of steel cable and a continuous winch line with 50 feet of cable to assist the machine in pulling the pipe. Note: A Clamp Adapter is not needed when pulling 4″ pipe.

pulling package
Part Number Grundomat Model Pipe Description
70708-51 130 Z 4″ Sch 40 4.50 O.D.
70708-58 145 Z 5″ Sch 40 5.563 O.D.
70708-71 180 EF 6″ Sch 40 6.625 O.D.
steel pipe