Ensure a tight fit between the Grundoram and the pipe and help minimize pipe flaring. They are especially useful for thin wall pipe in drives of less than 50 feet or when used in combination with soil removal cones.

Part Number Pipe Size (In) Part Number Pipe Size (In)
RSS1680 6 RSS6064 26
RSS2190 8 RSS7110 28
RSS2730 10 RSS7620 30
RSS3230 12 RSS8130 32
RSS3380 14 RSS9140 36
RSS4060 16 RSS1016 40
RSS18 18 RSS1035 42
RSS5080 20 RSS1220 48
RSS6090 24 RSS60 60

Segmented Ram Cone Assembly Clamp

Assembly clamp for segmented ram cones 26″ and larger. Holds individual segments in place while installing segmented ram cones. Use a minimum of 6 clamps per set of 4 segments.

Part Number

Segmented Ram Cone Installation Bar

Crowbar used to align segments in place before securing with clamps.

Part Number