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GRUNDORAM® Pneumatic Pipe Ramming System

pneumatic pipe ramming systemGRUNDORAM® Pipe Ramming Advantage

Whatever direction your work takes you, Grundoram can handle it . . . from conventional horizontal pipe ramming to vertical pile driving. The Grundoram pneumatic ramming tool is used for the trenchless installation of steel pipe through a wide variety of soil types, without any rise or fall in the ground’s surface. Some casing installation methods are impaired or even rendered inoperable by rock or boulder filled soils. During the pipe ramming process however, boulders and rocks as large as the casing itself are "swallowed up" as the casing moves through.

Grundoram models are available from 5 inches to 32 inches in diameter, for casing installations ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches in diameter. Larger installations up to 144 inches in diameter have been successful accomplished.
The Grundoram's casing is manufactured from the highest quality steel alloys. The one-piece casing is made from a solid block of steel alloy for unmatched durability and reliability.
The piston is heat treated for optimal strength and durability. This process also provides increased corrosion resistance.
Control Stud
The Grundoram's control stud is designed for strength and performance. It also allows the user to easily REVERSE the Grundoram.

horizontal installation of steel pipes or casingsWhat it Does

Pipe ramming for horizontal, vertical, and angled installation of steel pipes or casings. Additionally the Grundoram can be used to assist or salvage directional drilling operations.

How it Works

The pneumatic Grundoram attached to the back of steel pipes or casings and hammers them into the ground. Pipe can be driven as one continuous run or in sections depending on the space available at the insertion site. Spoil is removed by using compressed air and/or water, augers, or skid steers on larger diameter casings.

Cost Savings

  • Grundoram is completely self-contained for fast, efficient, and safer installations of steel casings.
  •  Faster installation of large pipe without ground slumping
  • Works equally well in confined & ample work areas
  • Swallows rock up to the diameter of the new casement
  • Minimal disruption to traffic, buildings, and other utilities
  • Avoids sizable surface damage and costly restoration required for old trenching methods
  • Accelerated project completion timeline
  • Easy to set up and operate

angled pipe rammingFeatures

  • Grundoram models are available for a variety of applications and are proven effective in the toughest conditions.
  • Each tool is adaptable to several casing diameters
  • Unlike other pneumatic tools, each Grundocrack tool head and casing are made from a solid block of alloy steel for optimum strength and durability
  • Anti-corrosive construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long service life

This product is covered by Canadian Patent CA2194079, and US Patent No. 5,984,583.