Santa Fe Sewer

Santa Fe Sewer Upsized by Bursting

Project Profile: Goliath Grundocrack tool, 18-inch diameter with 37.5-inch (OD) rear expander, and an air consumption of 1,236 cfm. 20-ton dual-capstan GRUNDOWINCH constant-tension winch. Upsize 3,200 feet of failing 24-inch diameter reinforced concrete sewer pipe to 32-inch diameter HDPE pipe. 10 separate bursts averaging 320 feet each, with the longest run 450 feet. Contractor Wins […]

Contractor Merges Experience

Contractor Merges Experience With New Ideas; Effects Burst, Replacement of Collapsed Sewer

In the beginning, there were three choices. Trench it, repair it, or burst it. The “it” was a 230 foot length of sanitary sewer pipe that was failing in Greenville, SC. It needed attention and the Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority (WCRSA), responsible for maintaining the line, had allowed the following three methods of replacement: […]

Pipe Rammer Bridges Pile

Pipe Rammer Bridges Pile Driving Gap

Trenchless pipe ramming tools, known for their ability to horizontally ram pipe through difficult soils, aren’t just for underground anymore. Last spring, BRS, Inc. of Richfield, NC, was contracted by Rowan County, NC, to install a water line connecting a new baseball field, used by a Philadelphia Phillies farm team, to the city of Kannapolis’ […]