Grundosteer Piercing Tool

The Guided Mole: The Next Generation of Piercing Tool

Piercing tool technology has been around since the early 1900s. The first patent for such technology dates back to WW I. The biggest limiting factor in the development of early piercing tools was a lack of good building materials. The idea of the piercing tool remained, but the first true operational models were not developed […]

Trenchless Teamwork BRH-Garver

Trenchless Teamwork BRH-Garver Employs Directional Drilling and Pipe Bursting on Reservoir Rehab Project

NUCA contractor BRH-Garver, Inc. recently tackled a difficult problem–How to replace a drain line under the floor of a 45-ft tall, 100-ft wide earthen reservoir with limited access. The innovative solution they came up with combined two acclaimed trenchless methods, directional drilling and pipe bursting. The large-scale reservoir rehabilitation project was being done for the […]