Lateral Pipe Bursting

Lateral Pipe Bursting: Callaway Contracting Making Big Gains After Starting Small With Lateral Pipe Bursting

Jacksonville, Florida The rehabilitation and replacement of sewer service laterals has always been a difficult, expensive and time-consuming job. They are usually located directly beneath someone’s yard, a business entryway or a sidewalk; all of which makes open cutting the least attractive lateral rehab option from the resident’s point of view. Moreover, most laterals continue […]

Bursting Padre Dam

Bursting at Padre Dam Saves Time, Trees and Money

Hydrogen sulfide gas is one of concrete’s biggest enemies. Over time, the build up of that gas can destroy an RCP sewer line. The problem occurs more commonly in the warm, dry climates of the Southwestern and Western United States. That was the exact situation that the Padre Dam Municipal Water District faced recently in […]

World Record Ramming

World Record Ramming: Middle Creek Mining Corporation Raises the Bar

Risky or experimental projects do not attract many contractors. However, like any other endeavor, there are those who are confident enough in their abilities and their equipment to take on difficult, challenging or even impossible projects. These are the contractors and projects that push the envelope of equipment and technology performance, and provide valuable information […]