Grundoburst 1000G

Gas & Water Markets Ready for Static Pipe Bursting In North America

After being field tested and developed in Europe by Tracto Technik, the Grundoburst was recently launched in North America at the UCT show in Houston, Texas by TT Technologies, U.S.A. The hydraulic pipe bursting system, which has the ability to split ductile iron and steel lines, has already been involved in several high profile jobs […]

Pipe Bursting Steel Water

Pipe Bursting Steel Water Main in California: ARB Leads the Way

Recently, west coast pipe rehabilitation contractor ARB, Inc, Lake Forest, CA, was able to do something few contractors in North America have, replace a 6-inch 10 gauge steel water main with 8-inch HDPE through pipe bursting. The project, completed for the South Tahoe Public Utility District (STPUD), South Lake Tahoe, CA, was accomplished with the […]

Trenchless Water Main

Trenchless Water Main Replacement: Pipe Bursting at Point Reyes

The Point Reyes National Seashore is considered one of the crown jewels of the National Park System. Located just north of San Francisco, CA, the park covers more than 71,000 acres and receives over two million visitors annually. It is home to over 20% of California’s flowering plant species and 45% of the bird species […]

Fire Flooding Los Alamos

Fire & Flooding in Los Alamos: DH Underground Provides Pipe Ramming Solutions

The Cerro Grande fire ravaged the Los Alamos, New Mexico landscape in May of 2000. In addition to threatening the world famous Los Alamos National Laboratory, the firestorm consumed over 47,650 acres of forest and left over 400 families homeless. Almost as soon as the fire was contained a new threat arose–flooding. The massive fire […]