Trenchless Piercing Tools KY

Trenchless Piercing Tool Pulls its Weight: Clifford Collins and Son Tackles Tough Service Line Installation Project in Rockcastle County, KY

Almost every city or municipality has one, a certain job or project that remains unfinished or is not attempted, sometimes for years, because it is inherently too difficult for current technology or too great a risk for contractors. Occasionally, however, a contractor comes along with the right attitude and the right tool to make the […]

Teaming Up Trenchless Techniques: Pneumatic Pipe Ramming Assists Directional Drilling

Certainly not the oldest of the trenchless methods, directional drilling is arguably the best known and celebrated. The method has transcended the utility construction arena and gained the attention, to an extent, of the general population. That fact alone speaks volumes about the method’s capabilities and its impact in the construction world. One large reason […]