Grundoram in Action for Pullback Assist

Assisting Directional Drilling With Pneumatic Pipe Ramming

Some of the most spectacular trenchless projects have been accomplished through the use of directional drilling. Drill operators and manufacturers are finding new and creative ways of tackling tough projects and difficult situations by utilizing pipe ramming technology to assist directional drills. Recently, trenchless equipment manufacturer TT Technologies, Aurora, IL introduced several pipe ramming techniques […]

Main Service Installations NYSEG

Main & Service Installations Take a Directional Turn at NYSEG

Directional drilling continues to be a viable and useful technology in many sectors. The water, gas and electric industries utilize the technology in a variety of areas. In fact,”last mile” installations and “street to the house” utility installations are proving to be a growing market for compact directional drills in North America. An abundance of […]