Plumbing Contractors Turn Trenchless

Plumbing Contractors Turn to Trenchless Roto-Rooter Leads the Way

Plumbing contractors around the United States are finding that trench less technology can help them improve their service offerings while improving their bottom line. Roto-Rooter Services is a prime example. Roto-Rooter Service Company is the largest plumbing company is North America. The Engineering Services division was created in Atlanta in September of 2002 to provide […]

Large Diameter Ramming in Illinois: Powers Lake Construction Powers Through

Skill, attention to detail, solid preparation and confidence are a few characteristics of any successful contractor. Powers Lake Construction Co. Inc., Twin Lakes, WI., embodies these important qualities and more. According to Aaron Karow, Powers Lake Construction Project Manager, everything all relates back to the goals of the company. He said, “We are always trying […]

Boyer Inc. Takes On Giant Pipe Ram in Texas

NUCA contractor Boyer, Inc., Houston TX, recently completed a difficult casing installation under a heavily used rail line in Highlands, TX. The project called for the installation of approximately 70 feet of 66-inch casing under a section of Union Pacific railroad tracks for the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA). The casing, once installed would serve […]

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Pipe Bursting Having a Big Impact on the Utility Construction Industry

With a quickly deteriorating national infrastructure and continuing mandates from governmental agencies, the urgency to replace water and sewer mains has never been greater. Crowded city streets, historic locations and the expense of major restoration, has shifted the focus from traditional open cut construction and put trenchless construction techniques center stage. Over the last few […]

Louisville Water Company

Louisville Water Company: Targeting Trenchless Water Main Replacement

The city of Louisville, KY is taking an aggressive approach to upgrading and replacing deteriorating water mains. The city’s water system, operated by the Louisville Water Company (LWC), consists of over 3,200 miles of water mains and handles 127 million gallons of water per day. Louisville Water serves over 900,000 people through its 240,000 domestic, […]