Grundoburst in Action

Product Pipe Material Options For Pipe Bursting

Pipe material can be a very volatile subject. It has been a stumbling block to the use of pipe bursting technologies with some utilities around the country. Many of these utilities are so invested in certain pipe materials that it is almost impossible for them to consider other piping materials. While there is a high […]

McDonald Plumbing: Keeping it Clean Lateral Bursting Offers Low Impact Solution for Hotel Renovation

Project: B Replace 100 feet of deteriorated 3-inch cast iron sewer later with minimal disruption at a Radisson Hotel- Grand Rapids, MI Contractor: McDonald Plumbing Grand Rapids, MI Customer: Radisson Hotel- Grand Rapids, MI Equipment: Grundotugger Lateral Pipe Bursting System with Fusion Equipment & Hydraulic Power Pack, TT Technologies, Aurora, Ill Major renovations don’t necessarily […]

NUCA Members Trenchless

NUCA Members Working in Trenchless

With numerous, aging copper and plastic service lines in need of replacement, the gas industry is always looking for new replacement techniques that limit disruption and speed installation times. Trenchless equipment manufacturer and associate NUCA member TT Technologies, Aurora, Ill., is working with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), Naperville, Ill. to develop new techniques and […]