Swage Lining in Berlin, Germany

Swage Lining with Static Bursting Equipment in Berlin

Contractor Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch-und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG was recently contracted by the Berlin Waterworks, Berlin, Germany, to rehabilitate a sanitary sewer pressure pipe, in the city of Berlin, using the swage line-method. The goal of the project was to renew the ND 1000 (39-in.) steel sanitary sewer pressure pipe a total length of […]

Pacific Liners Static Pipe Bursting

Pacific Liners Static Pipe Bursting: Replacing Steel with C900 PVC in South Lake Tahoe

Many utilities around the country are so invested in certain pipe materials that when pipeline replacement projects come up, it is very difficult for those entities to consider other piping materials. Others are simply looking for choice. For many years, this has been a core issue with pipe bursting technology that has been closely tied […]