Upsizing 10-inch diameter pipe to 15-inches.

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting Project Under the Microscope: SPS Pulls Off High Profile Burst in Atlanta

Trenchless projects can go unnoticed sometimes. Usually that’s the way everyone involved likes it. Limited disruption and minimal restoration are the calling cards of any good trenchless project. But sometimes a project takes place that receives scrutiny and attention like never before. That was the case recently in a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. The Piedmont […]

Moving at the Speed of Trenchless

Titan Technologies, Boise, Idaho has positioned itself as a leader. Although a young company by many standards (established in 2003), Titan Technologies has taken on the persona and maturity of a much older company. This is due, in large part, to the leadership and vision of company president Roger Thompson. Thompson brings with him a […]