Grundoburst 400G Stati Pipe Bursting Sytem.

Pipe Splitting Technology for the Gas Industry: Southern California Gas

With numerous aging and deteriorating copper, PE, steel, and other types of plastic service lines and mains in need of replacement, the gas industry is always looking for new replacement techniques that limit disruption and speed installation times. Trenchless equipment manufacturer TT Technologies, Aurora, Ill., is working with several research groups and various gas utilities […]

Bursting Head attached to new pipe.

Bursting Big Ductile Iron: KRG Utility in Wilmington, NC

Faced with the prospect of halting new development, the City of Wilmington, N.C. was in need of a repair solution for a section of the city’s force sewer main. After attempts to line the main failed, KRG Utility, Inc., Lenoir, N.C., was called in to attempt a difficult large diameter pipe burst. KRG Utility president […]