Riverside, Calif. Project

Product Pipe Choice: Static Pipe Bursting Grows to Meet the Needs of the Market

Over the last decade, the trenchless static pipe bursting method has become one of the most effective and preferred trenchless methods for replacement or upsizing of aging gravity sewer, water mains and storm drains. Hydraulically powered static pipe bursting systems have given engineers and contractors the ability to split and replace ductile iron, steel and […]

Grundoburst 800G entry pit.

Murphy Pipelines: Pioneers of Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Set the Standard in Michigan

The versatility and capability of the static pipe bursting method continues to accelerate thanks in large part to contractors like Murphy Pipeline, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla., that continue to push the method to achieve better, more effective results. A recent project in Livonia, Mich. demonstrates this point. Murphy Pipeline, Jacksonville, Fla., was awarded the contract to […]