Total length of bursting project was 2,529 leet.

Large Diameter Steel Water Main Pipe Bursting Project Significant Achievement for Trenchless Technology

Static pipe bursting continues to flex its trenchless muscles in projects around the United States. The method has received a great deal of attention recently in regards to the usage of various product pipe materials, which has made static bursting more accessible and acceptable. A recent project for Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs, Colo., however, […]

Trenchless In North America Marathon Drilling Sets the Pace

Marathon Drilling, Greely, Ontario, CA, is leading the way for trenchless technology in Canada as well as North America. The company was formed in 1981 to serve the needs of the oil and gas pipeline industry, specifically drilling services, in Eastern Canada. The first trenchless service offerings were added a few years later in 1984. […]