TT Technologies Introduces Specialty Winch Boom for Reversible Bursting Operations

AURORA, Ill. – TT Technologies recently unveiled a new winch boom specially designed to aid in reversible pipe bursting operations. The new boom provides extra clearance in the manhole or exit pit to allow for the easy removal of the pipe bursting expander during reversible bursting projects. The boom’s unique enclosed sheave configuration provides optimum […]

Rocky Mountain Ramming: Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co. Battles Colorado Flooding with Pipe Ramming

Trenchless pipe ramming continues to prove its value, especially in situations that require quick mobilization, effective casing or culvert installation and extra care regarding surface protection in sensitive areas like roadways and rail lines. Last year’s massive rainfall event in Colorado created just that type of situation. In September 2013 a frontal boundary stalled over […]