Pipeliners face a unique set of circumstances. Trenchless tools and methods developed by TT Technologies help pipeliners maximize efficiency and optimize field trenchless pipe installation projects. Years of onsite pipeline experience come with each tool and method.

Pipe Ramming

Ten models of the Grundoram pneumatic pipe ramming tools are available for trenchless pipe installation of casings from 4 to 80 inches in diameter and larger. Grundoram is proven effective for horizontal, vertical, and angled applications.

Applications Pipe Ramming

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Assist

Properly configured Grundoram pneumatic pipe rammers can be used to salvage product pipe after a failed bore, remove stuck drill stems and assist drills during product pullback, preventing hydrolock. Also install a conductor barrel casing to provide a favorable starting point for directional drilling in difficult soil conditions.

Applications HDD Assist

Slick Bore

Grundoram pneumatic pipe rammers can be used for the slick-bore process, installing a bore pipe, which, when removed, pulls the product pipe into place. Ideal for high production pipeline applications.

Trenchless pipe installation using the slick-bore method.