For trenchless pipe and casing installation under rail lines, TT Technologies offers trenchless tools that adhere to railroad specifications and help avoid problems associated with other pipe installation methods under rail lines.

Pipe Ramming

Ten models of the Grundoram pneumatic pipe ramming tools are available for trenchless installation of casings from 4 to 80 inches in diameter and larger. Pipe ramming provides accurate trenchless casing installation in a wide range of soil conditions without surface slump, making it ideal for installations under railways and roads.

Applications Pipe Ramming

Slick Bore

Grundoram pneumatic pipe rammers can be used for the slick-bore process, installing a bore pipe, which, when removed, pulls the product pipe into place. Ideal for high production pipeline applications under rail lines.

Trenchless pipe installation using the slick-bore method.

Horizontal Boring

Accurately bore and install small mains and services. Perform accurate bores up to 150 feet. Piercing tools ranging from 1.75 to 7 inches in diameter available for new trenchless pipe installations up to 6 inches in diameter.

Applications Horizontal Boring