From water mains to service lines, TT Technologies offers a wide range trenchless equipment to meet almost any water pipe rehabilitation/replacement need.

Pipe Bursting

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

Burst and replace fracturable gas mains like cast iron. Install High Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE).

Static Pipe Bursting

Versatile pipe bursting process, capable of bursting ductile iron and steel pipes in addition to fracturable mains. Several models available for pipe diameters up to 48 inches and larger.

Applications Pipe Bursting

Horizontal Boring

Accurately bore and install small mains and services. Perform accurate bores up to 150 feet. Piercing tools ranging from 1.75 to 7 inches in diameter available for new trenchless pipe installations up to 6 inches in diameter.

Applications Horizontal Boring

Compact Horizontal Directional Drilling

The compact Grundodrill 5X® HDD unit is specifically designed for residential service and “last mile” operations. The unit offers 11,000 lbs. of thrust and pullback. Ideal for areas where larger directional drilling units are not an option.

Grundodrill5x 814x510

Pit Launched Horizontal Directional Drilling

The Grundopit® pit launched mini-directional drill is ideal for shorter runs (bore length up to 150 feet) in tight working conditions. The pit launched drill provides the directional capabilities you need in a compact and powerful mini drill rig.

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