Pipe Rammer Bridges Pile

Pipe Rammer Bridges Pile Driving Gap

Trenchless pipe ramming tools, known for their ability to horizontally ram pipe through difficult soils, aren’t just for underground anymore. Last spring, BRS, Inc. of Richfield, NC, was contracted by Rowan County, NC, to install a water line connecting a new baseball field, used by a Philadelphia Phillies farm team, to the city of Kannapolis’ […]

Small Bursting Tool

Small Bursting Tool has Big Impact on Lateral Installations

In the small community of Darien, Illinois, the DuPage County Department of Environmental Concerns (DEC) is in the process of renovating its sanitary sewer system. The job would prove to be rather diverse, requiring the use of several old and new methods, including trenchless technology. In 1993, the DuPage County DEC retained Engineering Resource Associates, […]

Keeping Game Going

Keeping The Game Going Soccer Sees No Delays As New Sewer Lines Are Bored Below

On most any day, people are out playing soccer on the fields of Waterloo, Ontario. Soccer is a serious business that cannot be disrupted by something as mundane as replacing sewer pipes. With that in mind, Harry Cosford of Swiss Hill Landscaping took on the job of installing new sewer lines beside a city soccer […]

Mini Rig Tackles Mega Job

Mini Rig Tackles Mega Job In Limestone

Almost every city or municipality has one, a certain job or project that remains unfinished or is not attempted, sometimes for years, because it is inherently too difficult for current technology or too great a risk for contractors. Occasionally, however, a contractor comes along with the right attitude and the right tool to make the […]