Compact drill rig maintenance.

Compact Drill Rig Maintenance: Back to the Basics

The compact directional drilling market in North America has exploded over the last several years. With the long anticipated bevy of last mile fiber-to-the-home work finally having an impact and glut of gas, water and sewer service and lateral work going around, the compact directional drill has found many stages to demonstrate its capability. Finding […]

Henkels & McCoy Compact Drilling

Henkels & McCoy Compact Directional Drilling in California for Verizon FTTP

The fiber optic market really started to pick up steam again over the last year and a half. This resurgence of activity has generated a lot of excitement in the trenchless construction industry. Last mile fiber-to-the-home projects are popping up all over the country, in big cities and rural communities. While some of the work […]

Orangeburg Cable, Inc Directional Drilling

Orangeburg Cable, Inc Compact Directional Drilling in South Carolina

Technology has a funny way of pushing us ahead of ourselves. The fiber optic boom that started in the 1980s, gained steam in the early 1990s, peaked in the late 90s and ultimately fizzled at the turn of the century left everyone dizzy and confused. It seems as though the market got ahead of itself […]

Plumbing Contractors Turn Trenchless

Plumbing Contractors Turn to Trenchless Roto-Rooter Leads the Way

Plumbing contractors around the United States are finding that trench less technology can help them improve their service offerings while improving their bottom line. Roto-Rooter Services is a prime example. Roto-Rooter Service Company is the largest plumbing company is North America. The Engineering Services division was created in Atlanta in September of 2002 to provide […]

Service Installations Compact HDD

Service Installations: Opportunity for Compact HDD

Utility contractor DeMuth, Inc., Volo, Ill., was recently contracted to install several hundred feet of copper water services in an established neighborhood in Wilmette, Ill. Because of an existing roadway and the area’s sidewalks and driveways, DeMuth President, John DeMuth, opted for a compact directional drilling application. He said, “The project was done in conjunction […]

Main Service Installations NYSEG

Main & Service Installations Take a Directional Turn at NYSEG

Directional drilling continues to be a viable and useful technology in many sectors. The water, gas and electric industries utilize the technology in a variety of areas. In fact,”last mile” installations and “street to the house” utility installations are proving to be a growing market for compact directional drills in North America. An abundance of […]