Directional Drilling Percussion Gas Main Germany

Directional Drilling with Percussion Gas Main Installation in Germany

Any type of new underground utility installation in Europe is highly scrutinized. In many cases ancient streets, buildings and landscapes face potential damage from conventional construction methods. Needless to say, trenchless technology flourishes in Europe. The recent expansion of natural gas service by German gas provider Municipal Works Lippstadt required the installation of two new […]

Trenchless Teamwork BRH-Garver

Trenchless Teamwork BRH-Garver Employs Directional Drilling and Pipe Bursting on Reservoir Rehab Project

NUCA contractor BRH-Garver, Inc. recently tackled a difficult problem–How to replace a drain line under the floor of a 45-ft tall, 100-ft wide earthen reservoir with limited access. The innovative solution they came up with combined two acclaimed trenchless methods, directional drilling and pipe bursting. The large-scale reservoir rehabilitation project was being done for the […]

Mini Rig Tackles Mega Job

Mini Rig Tackles Mega Job In Limestone

Almost every city or municipality has one, a certain job or project that remains unfinished or is not attempted, sometimes for years, because it is inherently too difficult for current technology or too great a risk for contractors. Occasionally, however, a contractor comes along with the right attitude and the right tool to make the […]