Trenchless Teamwork BRH-Garver

Trenchless Teamwork BRH-Garver Employs Directional Drilling and Pipe Bursting on Reservoir Rehab Project

NUCA contractor BRH-Garver, Inc. recently tackled a difficult problem–How to replace a drain line under the floor of a 45-ft tall, 100-ft wide earthen reservoir with limited access. The innovative solution they came up with combined two acclaimed trenchless methods, directional drilling and pipe bursting. The large-scale reservoir rehabilitation project was being done for the […]

Mini Rig Tackles Mega Job

Mini Rig Tackles Mega Job In Limestone

Almost every city or municipality has one, a certain job or project that remains unfinished or is not attempted, sometimes for years, because it is inherently too difficult for current technology or too great a risk for contractors. Occasionally, however, a contractor comes along with the right attitude and the right tool to make the […]