Potelco Inc Piercing Tools

Potelco, Inc.: Getting High Production from Piercing Tools

Utility contractor Potelco, Sumner WA, has embraced trenchless equipment. In fact, the company has been using one trenchless tool in particular for almost 20 years, the pneumatic piercing tool. A workhorse of trenchless technology, the piercing tool has become a mainstay at Potelco providing solutions for a wide variety construction applications. Potelco’s piercing tool arsenal […]

Piercing Tools Super Highways

Piercing Tools Building the Information Super Highway: Arrow Construction on Verizon’s FTTP Program

While fiber optic cables to the home are designed to provide access to the latest that technology has to offer, like high speed broadband internet and hundreds of high quality, high definition television programs, the tools that are often used to install those cables are often very basic. One in particular, the pneumatic piercing tool, […]

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison Feels the Power of the Piercing Tool

While trenchless construction methods like directional drilling have received the majority of press over the last several years, one trenchless tool continues to prove its versatility, effectiveness and efficiency everyday—the pneumatic piercing tool. The piercing tool provides contractors, municipalities and utilities a tremendous amount of versatility as well. Contractors around the world continue to achieve […]

Piercing Tools Impact

Piercing Tools: Having an Impact from Sea to Shining Sea

Piercing Tools Produce From last mile installations to niche applications these highly effective and versatile tools are making an impact again. Throughout the United States, underground contractors have been rediscovering a classic piece of trenchless technology, the piercing tool. A resurgence of use in piercing tools can be attributed to several factors. According to piercing […]

Team Construction

Team Construction: Making it Happen with Piercing Tools

A plaque with the phrase “Make It Happen” sits on everyone’s desk at Team Construction, LLC, Nashville, Tenn. That phrase sums up an inherent quality and attitude that is helping the utility contractor quickly become one of the most respected and relied upon construction companies in the region, especially in the gas industry. One of […]

Trenchless Arizona Ash Fork

Trenchless in Arizona: Ash Fork Water Services

The town of Ash Fork, Arizona has experienced a recent economic revitalization. This revitalization has been attributed to quarrying operations just outside of town as well as the attractive nature of the rural lifestyle the area provides. Buildings and homes once unoccupied are being upgraded and remodeled to meet the growing housing demand. The new […]