MichCon Gas Perfect Installation

Through the Keyhole: MichCon Gas Makes Perfect Service Line Installation

Finding better and more efficient and effective ways of utilizing underground construction technology is a hallmark of the gas utility industry. In fact, gas utilities are very much responsible for the development and refinement of many of the trenchless construction methods utilized today. Like most large gas utilities around the country MichCon, Detroit, Mich. (a […]

Mammoth Community Water District

Mammoth Community Water District, CA Being Accountable for Unaccounted-for-Water

Municipalities around the United States are gearing up for the next big battle in the war against aging infrastructure. This time the enemy is leaking water systems. While much attention has been placed on sewer replacement and Inflow and Infiltration, the battle lines have been drawn in what could promise to be an even bigger […]

Ttrenchless Tree Removal San Diego

Trenchless Tree Removal Telliard Construction Relocates Rare Torrey Pines in San Diego

Trenchless construction methods are often the centerpieces of any construction project. Sometimes, however, they can contribute to a project in a small way and still have a big impact. Such was the case recently for Telliard Construction, San Diego, CA, on a project for the city of San Diego, CA. In an effort to relieve […]

Dynamics Trenchless Piercing Nicor Gas

The Dynamics of Trenchless Piercing Tools in the Gas Industry: A look at Nicor Gas

To say that deregulation has prompted the gas industry to become more efficient is a gross understatement. Since its beginnings in the late 1970s to present day, deregulation has reshaped the way business is done in the natural gas industry, putting the focus on competition, lower prices and satisfying the customer. The push for greater […]

Potelco Big Impact

Potelco: Getting a Big Impact from Piercing Tools

Look in the toolbox of any successful contractor and you will see some of the reasons why they are successful. Aside from the other essentials for success, skill, dedication and commitment to quality, a contractor’s toolbox can give a keen insight into why they are successful. Since its beginnings in the 1960s, utility contractor Potelco, […]

Harnessing Workhorse Toney

Harnessing the Workhorse of Trenchless Technology: Ray Toney & Associates Achieves High Level Piercing Tool Production

While trenchless construction methods like pipe bursting anddirectional drilling have taken center stage over the last few years, one method continues to prove its value everyday, in the field, without much fanfare-horizontal boring with pneumatic piercing tools. Piercing tools could easily be considered the genesis of modern pneumatic trenchless technology. Contractors around the world continue […]