Water Utility Uses HDD

Water Utility Uses HDD, Piercing Tools To Address Rehab Problems

“And if you believe that, I have some swampland in Florida for sale.” That saying has been around for years. The truth behind that saying makes Florida one of the most unique states when it comes to water utilities. One utility in particular, Florida Water Services, Orlando, the state’s largest privately owned water utility, provides […]

Contractors Aim True

Contractor’s Aim is True with Trenchless Technology

Project Profile: Hoffman and Hoffman was started in 1976. Began using the Grundomat pneumatic boring tool in 1993. Aplington, IA – Electrical job – 12 bores under sidewalks, and streets up to 65 feet and 10 bores up to 85 feet in downtown. Waterloo, IA – hospital – 130 foot bore under parking lot completed […]

Big Trenchless Job Leave 01

Big Trenchless Job Leaves Little To Look At

Project Profile: Grundomat 110 ZSK 4 1/2-inch diameter piercing tool. Install 8 miles of 3 inch conduit to house broadband cable. Wallaga and crew needed to dig their launch & exit pits 30 inches deep to clear the base of the roots system. 15-30 foot bores, Grundomat 110 ZSK’s bore length topped 150 feet. Impressive […]

Piercing Performance

Piercing Performance: Experienced contractor relies on top tools

North States Utility Contractors of Eagle River, Wisconsin, has a simple business philosophy: Provide only top-quality processes, products and service to achieve the highest level of customer and employee satisfaction. As an important part of its pledge of quality assurance, North States has invested in an arsenal of trenchless piercing tools for the installation of […]

Limestone Could Not Stop

Solid Limestone Could Not Stop Piercing Tool

In March 1996, Pennsylvania American Water Co. (PA-American) had nine crews armed with piercing tools installing water mains beneath roadways in a primarily rural area. The objective was to connect approximately 450 new services. Soil components were expected to be mostly clay, occasionally mixed with rock. However, it was not expected that a crew would […]

Piercing Tools Gas Friendly

Piercing Tools: Gas Friendly Tool Helps Bay State Gas Facilitate Rate of Growth

Over the last decade, there has been a significant surge in new gas customers in the Northeast. Even so, only 38 percent of existing structures there currently have gas service. Traditionally, much of the Northeast has preferred heating oil or electricity to heat its home and businesses. Many have never had gas hooked up to […]