Contractor Develops Trenchless

Contractor Develops Trenchless Arsenal, Takes Aim With Forty Piercing Tools

There’s an old adage…”use the right tool for the job.” J.F. Kiely Construction Company of Long Branch, NJ, takes this saying very literally. Founded in 1952, J.F. Kiely Construction Company has established itself as a leader of gas distribution and underground utility contracts. This includes the installation of new and replacement mains and services, and […]

Residential Neighborhoods Service Lines

Residential Neighborhood Receives New Main And Service Lines

Project Profile: A 3-inch Grundomat piercing tool from TT Technologies Aurora, Illinois, was used to install the 2,100 feet of trenchless service lines. 70 service lines averaging 30 feet in length. Bores took, on average, between 30 and 45 minutes. Could do 8 service lines a day. “…And if you believe that, I have some […]

Keeping Game Going

Keeping The Game Going Soccer Sees No Delays As New Sewer Lines Are Bored Below

On most any day, people are out playing soccer on the fields of Waterloo, Ontario. Soccer is a serious business that cannot be disrupted by something as mundane as replacing sewer pipes. With that in mind, Harry Cosford of Swiss Hill Landscaping took on the job of installing new sewer lines beside a city soccer […]