BT crews used a Grundram Pipe ramming machine.

Pipe Ramming Proves Golden for HDD Project in Colorado: BTrenchless Beats the Bedrock

Pipe ramming and horizontal directional drilling may seem like an odd combination, but many times you can find the two trenchless methods on the same project, often being used in a most complimentary manner.  Over the years, the two methods have teamed up on countless pipeline installation projects for many different industries.  Recently pipe ramming […]


Precision Ramming: Mocon Trenchless Provides Pipe Ramming Solution in San Diego

While many pipe ramming projects have been celebrated for their sheer magnitude, large diameter pipe, difficult conditions or extreme distances, the pipe ramming method is often used in situations where precision is the key requirement to getting the project done. Recently, Mocon Trenchless, Indio, Calif., completed a line- and grade-critical pipe ram in tight working […]

Pipe Ramming in the Canadian Oil Fields Neptune Coring Completes Challenging Road Ram

In the world of oil production, Canada is a major player. Sitting on one of the richest deposits of oil laden oil sands and with new techniques to extract oil from those formations, oil production facilities are being developed throughout the oil sands region of the country. One of the largest facilities under development is […]


Large Diameter Pipe Ram Leaves Highway Undisturbed in Edmonton, Alberta

Design engineers, with the help of contractors and equipment manufacturers, are pushing the limits on pipe size and drive lengths for pipe ramming projects.  Much care and planning are necessary for a project to be successful like one recently competed by In-Ling Contracting Ltd.  The project in Fort McMurray in Wandering River, Edmonton, Alberta installing […]

Rocky Mountain Ramming: Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co. Battles Colorado Flooding with Pipe Ramming

Trenchless pipe ramming continues to prove its value, especially in situations that require quick mobilization, effective casing or culvert installation and extra care regarding surface protection in sensitive areas like roadways and rail lines. Last year’s massive rainfall event in Colorado created just that type of situation. In September 2013 a frontal boundary stalled over […]

Pipe Extraction and Installation Through Pneumatic Pipe Ramming: KS Energy Service Battles Tar Resin Gas Main in Aurora, Ill., USA

Pneumatic pipe ramming continues to be used in a wide range of applications, both for primary pipe installation and as a method to help facilitate the installation of other pipes or products. The method is proven effective for horizontal, vertical, and angled applications. Design engineers with the help of contractors and equipment manufacturers are finding […]