Pipe Ramming Powers

Pipe Ramming Powers Through Difficult Soil in Illinois

Procision Boring of Elk Grove, Ill. recently completed a difficult 36-inch steel casing installation in Channahon, Ill., just south of Joliet. The project was part of a large-scale sanitary sewer upgrade for the city of Channahon. The bore path traveled a lengthy 432 feet under two frontage roads, two on/off ramps and I-55 at its […]

Pipe Ram Rescue

Pipe Ram Rescue Frees Trapped TBM

Maintaining and upgrading sanitary sewer systems where new meets old is a difficult proposition and problems can arise. More and more contractors are utilizing trenchless technology in these situations, but even trenchless presents its own unique set of challenges. Contractors often need to employ not only efficient, but creative solutions to these difficult situations. EJM […]

Finding Way Under River

Finding A Way Under The River

Nothing displays the benefits and capabilities of directional drilling better than a river crossing. While these crossings have become commonplace over the last 15 years, they still present distinct challenges for drill operators and equipment. Difficult soil conditions under river bottoms and hydrostatic pressure from the river itself can combine to create problems during drilling […]

Angelica Boring Company

Angelica Boring Company Conquers Catskills

When ramming large-diameter pipe along railroad lines, underground construction crews face several challenges, including maintaining the grade of the bore and minimizing settlement of the tracks. Sometimes, just getting to the jobsite can be a challenge. Angelica Boring Company, a NUCA-member contractor based in Pittsford, N.Y., recently overcame these challenges on a pipe ramming job […]

Miller Driller Celebrates

Miller the Driller Celebrates 50 Years with His Biggest Pipe Ram Ever

Project Profile: The World’s biggest Pipe Ramming Tool 24-inch diameter, 10,5800 pound, Taurus Grundoram. Steel pipe – 66 inch dia., 3/4 inch thick, 20 foot sections, total 160 feet. Ram times ranged from 30 to 75 minutes per 20 foot section. Average weld times ran between 6 to 7 hours. The project took just twelve […]

Auger Boring Tandem Pipe

Auger Boring In Tandem With Pipe Rammers

No one tool is perfect for every application. In the world of trenchless installation, many contractors who are accustomed to performing larger bores with augers have discovered the advantages of using pipe rammers in assisting or completing problem or difficult bores. Although pipe rammers have been widely used in Europe for decades, awareness and use […]