Grundoram HDD Assist Methods from TT Technologies

hdd-assist-residentialAURORA, Ill. – TT Technologies has developed several pipe ramming techniques to help prevent and salvage failed directional drilling bores. Properly configured Grundoram pneumatic pipe ramming tools can be used to salvage product pipe after a failed bore, remove stuck drill stems and assist drills during product pullback, preventing hydrolock.

The Grundoram can also be used to install a conductor barrel casing in order to provide a favorable starting point and friction free pullback section for directional drilling in difficult soil conditions.

Grundoram pipe ramming tools are also used for the trenchless installation of steel casings from 4 to 140 inches in diameter, with even larger diameters possible. The Grundoram is designed for installation of pipe under roadways, railways and waterways.

TT Technologies offers eleven models of Grundoram pipe ramming tools ranging in diameter from 5 inches to 32 inches. Ramming tools are proven effective for horizontal, vertical, and angled applications. Grundoram provides accurate installation in a variety of soil conditions, including rocky soils.

TT Technologies’ full line of trenchless equipment includes:

Grundomat piercing tools, Grundosteer guided piercing tools, Grundocrack and Grundoburst pipebursting® tools, Grundoram pipe ramming tools, Grundomudd bentonite mixing and delivery systems, Grundodrill compact directional drills, Grundowinch constant tension winches and Grundopit mini-directional drill units.