LoVerde Keeps Traffic Rolling

LoVerde Keeps Traffic Rolling

The benefits of pipe bursting are far reaching. The method has been used in Europe for nearly 20 years and has become very popular in the United States over the last several years. Often times, the most celebrated benefits of pipe bursting go unnoticed. And that’s usually by design. Recent travelers of a section of […]

Finding Way Under River

Finding A Way Under The River

Nothing displays the benefits and capabilities of directional drilling better than a river crossing. While these crossings have become commonplace over the last 15 years, they still present distinct challenges for drill operators and equipment. Difficult soil conditions under river bottoms and hydrostatic pressure from the river itself can combine to create problems during drilling […]

Mastering Pipe Bursting

Mastering Pipe Bursting at Augusta

The first thing many people think of when they see the tournament course in Augusta, Georgia, is perfection, perfectly trimmed fairways, perfectly manicured greens The beauty and uncommon perfection of the facility do not, however, exempt it from common problems like infrastructure deterioration. So when the course’s 6-inch cast iron water lines began to fail, […]

Pipe Bursting PG&E

Pipe Bursting And PG&E: The Toolbox Gets Bigger

The development of pipe bursting in North America has been the exact opposite of its development in Europe. In the United States, and to a great extent North America, pipe bursting has a strong hold on the sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation and replacement market. In Europe, however, pipe bursting was originally developed to replace […]

Angelica Boring Company

Angelica Boring Company Conquers Catskills

When ramming large-diameter pipe along railroad lines, underground construction crews face several challenges, including maintaining the grade of the bore and minimizing settlement of the tracks. Sometimes, just getting to the jobsite can be a challenge. Angelica Boring Company, a NUCA-member contractor based in Pittsford, N.Y., recently overcame these challenges on a pipe ramming job […]

Grundocrack in Entry Pit

The Expanding World of Pipe Bursting: An Inside Look

In the trenchless industry, innovation and creativity flourish. Contractors are constantly finding new uses for established tools. Engineers and manufacturers are continually developing new and more efficient tools and methods. The industry is also need driven, with no two jobs ever quite the same. In the early 1980s, these factors contributed to the development of […]