Contractor Bids Replace

Contractor bids to replace over 16,000 feet of failed sewer line with minimal surface disruption

Over 50 bursts were done averaging 300 feet in length with several being upsized. Project Profile: Grundocrack Hercules and Mini-Olympus bursting tools. GRUNDOWINCH 10-ton hydrostatic winch. Replace 16,000 feet of failing sewer lines. Upsizes were 6 inch to 8 inch, & 8 inch to 10 inch. 50 separate bursts averaging 300 feet each, with the […]

Pipe Bursting Technology

Pipe bursting technology proves to be effective & efficient: Sewer line within forest reserve rehabilitated without disrupting trees

The trenchless process of pipe bursting has been gaining wide acceptance with municipalities and contractors throughout North America over the past decade. Best known for rehabilitating municipal water and sewer lines, the rising popularity of pipe bursting is largely attributable to innovative contractors who have promoted the trenchless technology as a cost-efficient method. Another important […]

Pipe Bursting Breaks

Pipe Bursting Breaks New Ground in Industrial Applications

Problem: A collapsed process line threatened to shut down a polyester manufacturing facility. Solution: A pneumatic pipe bursting process allowed technicians to repair the pipe without any structural damage. When a process line failed at a Salisbury, N.C., polyester fiber manufacturing facility, an inspection revealed that 8 feet of clay pipe running 12 feet below […]

Auger Boring Tandem Pipe

Auger Boring In Tandem With Pipe Rammers

No one tool is perfect for every application. In the world of trenchless installation, many contractors who are accustomed to performing larger bores with augers have discovered the advantages of using pipe rammers in assisting or completing problem or difficult bores. Although pipe rammers have been widely used in Europe for decades, awareness and use […]

Piercing Performance

Piercing Performance: Experienced contractor relies on top tools

North States Utility Contractors of Eagle River, Wisconsin, has a simple business philosophy: Provide only top-quality processes, products and service to achieve the highest level of customer and employee satisfaction. As an important part of its pledge of quality assurance, North States has invested in an arsenal of trenchless piercing tools for the installation of […]

Trenchless Technology Magazine cover with Chris Brahler

Chris Brahler Grows the Trenchless Market

Chris Brahler has been on a search for trenchless technology nearly all his career. Though he didn’t know what to call it at first, trenchless methods of underground construction have always been his goal. Now, with TT Technologies, Inc., Chris has found the solutions to many of the problems he has faced. In 1974, Chris […]