Limestone Could Not Stop

Solid Limestone Could Not Stop Piercing Tool

In March 1996, Pennsylvania American Water Co. (PA-American) had nine crews armed with piercing tools installing water mains beneath roadways in a primarily rural area. The objective was to connect approximately 450 new services. Soil components were expected to be mostly clay, occasionally mixed with rock. However, it was not expected that a crew would […]

Piercing Tools Gas Friendly

Piercing Tools: Gas Friendly Tool Helps Bay State Gas Facilitate Rate of Growth

Over the last decade, there has been a significant surge in new gas customers in the Northeast. Even so, only 38 percent of existing structures there currently have gas service. Traditionally, much of the Northeast has preferred heating oil or electricity to heat its home and businesses. Many have never had gas hooked up to […]

Total Rehab Entire Town

Total Rehab Entire Town Gets New Sewer

Replacing a failed sewer system is a big job and expense for any municipality. This was especially true for the some four hundred citizens of Mansfield, WA, as they were faced with replacing their entire sewer system. Installed in 1952, the old concrete pipe sewer was now crumbling beneath them. “We had some unreal flows […]

70 year-old Cast Iron Water Main Deemed Inadequate Bursting Saves Money, Solves Hassles

Assignment Use a Grundocrack with special adapter to burst cast iron water main beneath busy three-lane highway. Grand Junction, Colorado The thought of trenching through busy downtown streets was not favorable for Trent Prall, Utility Engineer for the City of Grand Junction. Yet, the city needed to upsize an old 6 inch cast iron water […]

Contractor Develops Trenchless

Contractor Develops Trenchless Arsenal, Takes Aim With Forty Piercing Tools

There’s an old adage…”use the right tool for the job.” J.F. Kiely Construction Company of Long Branch, NJ, takes this saying very literally. Founded in 1952, J.F. Kiely Construction Company has established itself as a leader of gas distribution and underground utility contracts. This includes the installation of new and replacement mains and services, and […]

Residential Neighborhoods Service Lines

Residential Neighborhood Receives New Main And Service Lines

Project Profile: A 3-inch Grundomat piercing tool from TT Technologies Aurora, Illinois, was used to install the 2,100 feet of trenchless service lines. 70 service lines averaging 30 feet in length. Bores took, on average, between 30 and 45 minutes. Could do 8 service lines a day. “…And if you believe that, I have some […]