TT Technologies Ramming cones

A ramming cone helps ensure the tight connection between the ramming tool and the casing.


Grundoram Basic set up

Basic ramming set-up.


GrundoBurst Static Pipe Bursting Machine

To complete the 100 percent upsize from 8-inch VCP to 16-inch FPVC, AUI used a Grundoburst static pipe bursting system from TT Technologies.


Shows the Fusible PVC pipe running through a manhole

Bursting runs were determined by manhole location. Longer runs included bursting through a manhole and onto the next.


AUI crews with the Fusible PVC pipe

Fusible PVC was chosen to replace the existing VCP sewer. The static pipe bursting process can accommodate a wide range of product pipes depending on the specific requirements of the job.


Rick Melvin
National Product Specialist,
TT Technologies