Horizontal Boring with Grundomat®

TT Technologies Grundomat piercing tools make horizontal boring an effective and profitable trenchless technology application. These pneumatic piercing tools are easily launched by hand, or from a starting cradle. Accessories like the Grundoscope Telescopic Aiming Frame and surveyor stick, starting cradle and smart level are available to ensure the Grundomat pneumatic boring tool reaches the target on line and grade.

During the process, compressed air repeatedly propels the piston against the rear of the chisel head assembly. This first compresses the pre-tensioned steel spring which forces the chisel head assembly forward independently of the main casing to provide a pilot bore. Then, the same continuous force thrusts the main casing ahead. With decades of proven performance, the Grundomat’s patented stepped-cone head consistently provides accurate trenchless pipe installation results.

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Horizontal Boring Methods Grundomat vs Conventional
Grundomat Horizontal Boring Setup