Pipe Ramming Using The Grundoram® Pneumatic Pipe Ramming Tool

Pipe ramming with Grundoram Pipe Ramming tools from TT Technologies provides contractors with a means for accurate, effective trenchless casing installations.  Pneumatic pipe rammers are capable of installing pipe and steel casings from 4 to 147 inches in diameter. Powered by compressed air the ramming tool attaches to the rear of the casing or pipe, pushing the casing into the ground with repeated percussive blows. As the pipe rammer pushes the pipe through the soil, rocks, boulders and other obstacles are “swallowed” into it. After installation is complete, spoils inside the pipe are forced out with compressed air. This pipe ramming method provides accurate trenchless casing installation in a wide range of soil without surface slump, making it ideal for installations under railways and roads. Pipe ramming tools are proven effective for horizontal, vertical, and angled applications.

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Pipe driving set-up