TT Technologies has developed pipe ramming slick-bore techniques to help install large diameter transmission mains.

During the slick-bore process the product pipe is welded to the back end of an installed bore pipe. A winch is connected to the lead end of the bore pipe and is used to pull the casing out. As the bore pipe is removed the product pipe is pulled into place. In this scenario, the bore pipe is installed with a pneumatic pipe rammer.

Once the product pipe is installed, the bore pipe can be used again for the next slick-bore.

Slick-boring also limits the amount of stress placed on the product pipe, which is of concern to project owners. The bore pipe ends up taking to brunt of impact from the ramming in tough soil conditions and spoil clean out. Through ramming it can also be installed very accurately. The product pipe is pulled into its ideal position without being subjected high levels of stress.

Grundoram Pneumatic Pipe Ramming Slick-Bore