New Trenchless Keyhole Mini-Directional Drill from TT Technologies

grundopitTT Technologies recently unveiled its new Grundopit-K keyhole mini-directional drill. The new Grundopit-K is designed to operate out of a keyhole excavation for the trenchless installation of gas and water service connections. The unit is fully automated and able to work in a 24-inch diameter excavation. The unit is able to install service installations up to 2 inches in diameter, at lengths up to 100 feet.

TT Technologies offers a complete line of trenchless equipment including Grundomat piercing tools, the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system, Grundocrack pneumatic pipe bursting tools, as well as Grundoram pipe ramming tools. A wide range of piercing tool, pipe ramming and, pneumatic and static pipe bursting accessories is also available.