Pit Launched Directional Drilling with GRUNDOPIT®

GRUNDOPIT® Advantages
The pit launched, mini-directional Grundopit is ideal for installing water services, electrical conduit, gas services, etc. in tight working conditions, over difficult runs. Only 54 inches long, 43 inches wide and 57 inches tall, the Grundopit delivers 13,489 lbf of thrust, and pulling force and 553 ft. lbs. of torque with bore length up to 150 feet.

Four hydraulically operated telescopic bracing supports anchor the Grundopit allowing for perfect alignment and maximum thrust and pull back. The Grundopit is an ideal entry level system for gas utilities, cable industries or as a supplement to larger units.

The Grundopit is easy to use and highly portable. Components include a two-part bore rig, patented drill stem plug in, 30 ELICON drill stems, bore head with angled steering surface, backreamer and swivel coupling, hose package, water tank and pump, and power pack. The complete unit can be transported in a standard pick up truck and operated by a minimal crew.

Ideal for
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electrical
  • Phone/CATV

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Grundopit mini HDD drill


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