Pipe Ramming Proves Golden for HDD Project in Colorado: BTrenchless Beats the Bedrock

Pipe ramming and horizontal directional drilling may seem like an odd combination, but many times you can find the two trenchless methods on the same project, often being used in a most complimentary manner.  Over the years, the two methods have teamed up on countless pipeline installation projects for many different industries.  Recently pipe ramming […]

Gila River Crossing Utilizes Two Types of Trenchless One Master HDD Contractor

The Phoenix Expansion project is a 259-mile expansion of a natural gas pipeline, owned by Transwestern Pipeline Company, Houston, Texas. The expansion is designed to help supply the fast growing energy demands of customers in the Phoenix area, specifically Maricopa County. Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. According […]

Assisting Directional Drilling With Pneumatic Pipe Ramming

Some of the most spectacular trenchless projects have been accomplished through the use of directional drilling. Drill operators and manufacturers are finding new and creative ways of tackling tough projects and difficult situations by utilizing pipe ramming technology to assist directional drills. Recently, trenchless equipment manufacturer TT Technologies, Aurora, IL introduced several pipe ramming techniques […]

Teaming Up Trenchless Techniques: Pneumatic Pipe Ramming Assists Directional Drilling

Certainly not the oldest of the trenchless methods, directional drilling is arguably the best known and celebrated. The method has transcended the utility construction arena and gained the attention, to an extent, of the general population. That fact alone speaks volumes about the method’s capabilities and its impact in the construction world. One large reason […]