Pulling Power in Amarillo, TX AJM Pipelines Bringing Swagelining Back

The Swagelining™ technique has been around for over 30 years. Developed in the late 1970s by British Gas and United Utilities in order to address the problem of failing pipeline systems, the technique showed great promise in the North American market early on. As utilization has continued throughout the world, AJM Pipelines (Jacksonville, Fla.) President […]

Murphy Pipelines: Pioneers of Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Set the Standard in Michigan

The versatility and capability of the static pipe bursting method continues to accelerate thanks in large part to contractors like Murphy Pipeline, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla., that continue to push the method to achieve better, more effective results. A recent project in Livonia, Mich. demonstrates this point. Murphy Pipeline, Jacksonville, Fla., was awarded the contract to […]

Natural Gas Storage Field Expansion: HOSS Construction Provides Static Pipe Bursting Power

The Herscher storage field expansion project included the replacement and upgrading of a 2,300-foot, 6-inch fiberglass water line to an 8-inch SDR 11 HDPE line through pipe bursting. That particular line distributes water to and from water pump wells and water disposal wells. Pictured staged 8-inch HDPE. While big trenchless pipeline installation projects often receive […]

Bursting Big Ductile Iron: KRG Utility in Wilmington, NC

Faced with the prospect of halting new development, the City of Wilmington, N.C. was in need of a repair solution for a section of the city’s force sewer main. After attempts to line the main failed, KRG Utility, Inc., Lenoir, N.C., was called in to attempt a difficult large diameter pipe burst. KRG Utility president […]

Swage Lining with Static Bursting Equipment in Berlin

Contractor Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch-und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG was recently contracted by the Berlin Waterworks, Berlin, Germany, to rehabilitate a sanitary sewer pressure pipe, in the city of Berlin, using the swage line-method. The goal of the project was to renew the ND 1000 (39-in.) steel sanitary sewer pressure pipe a total length of […]

Product Pipe Material Options For Pipe Bursting

Pipe material can be a very volatile subject. It has been a stumbling block to the use of pipe bursting technologies with some utilities around the country. Many of these utilities are so invested in certain pipe materials that it is almost impossible for them to consider other piping materials. While there is a high […]