The best bores start with a tool aimed on target. Since accurate alignment is essential, TT Technologies offers aim and launch equipment that assures the Grundomat piercing tool is aligned both vertically and horizontally before the bore is begun. Equipment may be ordered in a convenient kit, or ordered as separate components. See individual items for full descriptions (below).

A kit is available for larger models of the Grundomat piercing tool, and provides a proper match of all components. Kit includes an Aiming Frame, Surveyor’s Stake, Starting Cradle and Anchor Stakes.

Part Number Grundomat Model
07056244 75 P
07054544 85 P, 95 P
07056444 100 P, 110 P
07056544 130 P
07055244 145 P
07070970 180 P
GRUNDOMAT® Aim Launch Kit

Aiming Frame & Surveyor’s Stakes

Aiming Frame is telescopic to adjust to many jobsite situations, including entry pit depth and height of operator. Constructed of aluminum, it is both rugged and lightweight. Fiberglass Surveyor Stake is 8 feet long.

Part Number Description
GE0751002 7 ft. Frame & Surveyors’ Stake

Starting Cradle

Steel frame with adjustments for both vertical and horizontal alignment of the Grundomat tool. Several sizes of the Staring Cradle are available to accommodate several diameters of Grundomat tools. Incorporates drill holes in the base for secure anchoring using stakes (below).

Medium Duty Cradle
Part Number
Heavy Duty Cradle
Part Number
45 P N/A GE0450012
55 P N/A GS0550011
65 P N/A GRU0650011
75 P 07073050 GRU0750011
85 P 07073050 GZ0850011
95 P 07073050 GRU0950011
100 P, 110 P 07073050 GE1100011
130 P 07073050 GRU1300011
145 P N/A GE1450012
180 P N/A GRU1800011

Anchor Stakes

Two ft. long steel stake for anchoring the starting cradle to the starting pit floor.

Part Number