Convenient maintenance tool box that includes common tools needed by the user to install accessories and perform maintenance procedures on the Grundomat. Tool box is shipped prepared for specific size Grundomat tool. Maintenance Tool Box is included in Grundomat Deluxe Package.

Maintenance Tool Box includes:

  • Roll Pin Punch
  • Spanner Wrench, pair
  • Replacement Spanner Pins
  • Seal Compression Clamp
  • Liquid Teflon (50 ML)
  • 277 Thread Locker (10 ML)
  • Roll Pin Kit
Part Number Grundomat Model
GS0453500 45 P
GP0553500 55 P
GZ0653500 65 P
GZ0753500 75 P
GZ0853500 85 P
GZ0953500 95 P
GZ1003500 100 P
GZ1103500 110 P
GP1303500 130 P
GP1453500 145 P
GP1803500 180 P
tool box