Tools specially designed for the safe, easy removal of the Grundomat’S reciprocating stepped-cone head. Can be used easily in the field or shop for maintenance procedures.

Stepped Head Removal Ring

Bolts tighten to provide separation of stepped cone head and tool body. Order ring to fit specific Grundomat models.

Part Number Grundomat Model
GS0553450 45 P-55 P
GE0953450 65 P-95 P
GE1453450 110 P-145 P

Roll Pin Punch

For the removal and installation of roll pins in the stepped head assembly. (Punch is sized 1 mm smaller than roll pin to prevent sticking).

Part Number Grundomat Model
220410050 45 P
220410007 55 P
220410060 65 P
220410090 75 P
220410080 85 P-100 P
220410110 110 P
220410111 130 P
220410135 145 P

Chisel Protection Sleeve

Used in conjunction with step cone removal ring for the safe removal of the stepped head. Prevents chisel from chiping.

Part Number Grundomat Model
GE0453640 45 P
GS0553640 55 P
GRU0653640 65 P
GRU0753640 75 P
GZ0853640 85 P
GRU0953640 95 P-100 P
GE1103640 110 P
GRU1303640 130 P
GE1453640 145 P