Laney Directional Drilling uses Percussive Force

Laney Directional Drilling Uses Percussive Force to Extract 60-year-old Pipe from Under the Colorado River

Pneumatic pipe ramming continues to be utilized in a wide range of applications, both for primary pipe installation and as a method to help facilitate the installation or removal of other pipes or products.  The advancement of pipe ramming continues to develop into new applications with innovative ideas and techniques for achieving trenchless outcomes on […]

BT crews used a Grundram Pipe ramming machine.

Pipe Ramming Proves Golden for HDD Project in Colorado: BTrenchless Beats the Bedrock

Pipe ramming and horizontal directional drilling may seem like an odd combination, but many times you can find the two trenchless methods on the same project, often being used in a most complimentary manner.  Over the years, the two methods have teamed up on countless pipeline installation projects for many different industries.  Recently pipe ramming […]

Exit Pit near Statue

Let There Be Light! Directional Drilling Project in Germany Illuminates Statues & Trenchless Benefits

While the development of smaller more compact directional drilling units was in many ways something that the U.S. and North American market experienced for last mile applications, the use of these compact rigs has gone global. A recent project in the German town of Schmallenberg highlights the compact directional rig’s capabilities. The German artist Christel […]

Taurus Rammer with Conductor Barrel

Gila River Crossing Utilizes Two Types of Trenchless One Master HDD Contractor

The Phoenix Expansion project is a 259-mile expansion of a natural gas pipeline, owned by Transwestern Pipeline Company, Houston, Texas. The expansion is designed to help supply the fast growing energy demands of customers in the Phoenix area, specifically Maricopa County. Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. According […]

Grundoram HDD Assist

Southeast Directional Drilling: HDD Assist Keeps Big Pullbacks Moving

With some of the largest, including the largest, and difficult directional drilling projects already in its portfolio, Southeast Directional Drilling (SEDD), Tempe, AZ., continues to complete spectacular gas and oil pipeline projects in some of the most difficult locations in the world. But that doesn’t mean it all comes easy. SEDD relies on years of […]

Grundoram Taurus Pipe Rammer

With A Little Help From My Friends: Sunland Construction Completes Large Diameter Pullback with HDD Ram Assist

Pipe ramming continues to demonstrate its versatility, especially when it is used in concert with a directional drilling application. James Daigle, Division Manager with Sunland Construction, Inc. Eunice, LA, knows the value that pipe ramming adds when working on difficult, large diameter HDD projects. Recently, Daigle and his crews were able to complete a difficult […]